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Share Love Through A Dimsum Box

Dimsum Box is a Premium Dimsum Chain originating from Chandigarh. It is famous with its steamed dumplings. With our 8 years of experience in creating handcrafted dumplings, we offer 48 varieties of Dimsums.


Steamed and
100% whole wheat

Fresh Dough

Freshly kneaded dough to bring to you the tastiest dumplings. With a tender and chewy texture, our dough is always fresh and soft.

Fresh Veggies

Fresh, chemical free vegetables to you only for the healthiest produce.

Sesame Oil

For a touch of added deliciousness, our dumplings contain sesame oil for enhanced flavour.

Secret Herbs

Like every other delicious dish, our dumplings also have a secret and that’s our herbs.

Inhouse Spices

We source our spices inhouse to bring to you only the best kind.

Inhouse Sauces

Our sauces are made inhouse with premium quality ingredients to add that extra touch that makes our dumplings, THE DUMPLINGS!


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Why fear when Zomato is near?

Craving for Dimsum? Look us up on Zomato for mouthwatering variants that satisfy your taste buds and flavours that leave you wanting for more!


Swiggy it!

Tell us you need comfort food, without telling us you need comfort food. Our Dimsum box is always one swiggy delivery away!


Behind the taste

Rahul Tyagi Rahul Tyagi
Rahul Tyagi

Founder and Owner of DimsumBox

Sonia Tyagi Sonia Tyagi
Sonia Tyagi


Shubham Bohit Shubham Bohit
Shubham Bohit

Brand Manager

Ravi Thapa Ravi Thapa
Ravi Thapa

Head Chef

Arjun Thapa Arjun Thapa
Arjun Thapa

Head Chef

Rupesh Sule Rupesh Sule
Rupesh Sule

Marketing Head

Govind Sharma Govind Sharma
Govind Sharma

Store design head